Mission Statement

The THBA was formed in 2006 by Hispanic attorneys to bring together professionals with a passion and commitment to preserve the integrity of the legal system and provide assistance to the underserved Hispanic community. The THBA supports the advancement of its members, identifies and addresses the legal needs of the Hispanic community, and helps the next generations of Hispanic attorneys through scholarship opportunities and mentorship.

Andres N. Oliveros, Esq.
Tampa Hispanic Bar Association

Message From the President

I am exceedingly proud to be your new President.

In recent press interviews about the THBA, I have stated that this organization gave me the entrada to Tampa I so badly needed after arriving with my family a short ten years ago. That I now get to lead this same organization fills me with pride.

I am fond of saying that we should always be mindful that when we benefit from organizations such as the THBA, it is not by accident –neither is it a mere happy coincidence. We were never guaranteed to have the collaborative founding effort of twelve years ago successfully blossom into the THBA of today. No: We are here because of the thousands of hours of selfless, unpaid volunteer work put in by officers, directors, and members for over a decade. I am forever grateful to all who have preceded my term who have given so much of themselves for the good of the THBA.

And so it is with this firmly in mind that I invite you to join us in honoring the past sacrifices that have put this organization in its strongest position ever as we begin the new fiscal year. It is our turn now. Help us reach those next milestones by becoming a member if you aren’t one already. If you are a member, volunteer on one of our recently established committees or subcommittees. Our new Board of Directors is eager to get to work, and looks forward to having more member involvement in our day-to-day functions through committee work. If you would like to get your hands dirty, email me for information on joining one of our committees, or email one of our chairs directly.

I look forward to serving you.

Andres N. Oliveros

Tampa Hispanic Bar Association

P.O. Box 2714
Tampa, Florida 33601

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